Making Musicianship a "Team Commitment"

The most important habit for successful learning is a team commitment


My team commitment to you and your child.

When I engage your child as a student, I am committing myself to their musical success with their instrument. I commit to bringing a positive and flexible approach to teaching your young musician, and will strive to be sensitive to their growing (and changing) needs.

Your child's team commitment.

Your child's commitment is absolutely critical. They should commit to setting time aside to practice in their weekly schedule, every week, as they do with their other studies. (I typically recommend at least 100 minutes). Click here for more recommendations on important habits for practicing musicians. Your child should also commit to asking questions when they don't understand, which (admittedly) can sometimes be a challenge at first. 

Your team commitment (as parent/advocate)

You are your child's primary cheerleader and advocate for musicianship, and your commitment to that role is also very important. You commit to asking questions and getting details about lessons from both myself and your child. You commit to helping them hit that 100 minutes per week that they need to be successful. Attending professional concert performances with them will reinforce their resolve, and should also be part of your commitment checklist.
Click here to look into opportunities to attend local professional performances through the Resources page.

Our team commitment to consistency

Some music studios avoid talking about this, but it's critical to understand how important consistency is with regard to learning a musical instrument. That is why I encourage rescheduling and discourage cancelations. As part of my commitment to your child and the team, if a choice to cancel or reschedule needs to be made, I will do my best to help your child reschedule their lesson to maintain this consistency.
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